$180 earned in 2017-18; Only donates to SLES if cash or debit card is used

Target's Take Charge of Education program donates 1% of each Target REDcard or Target Visa purchase you make back to the school. Designate Seven Locks at http://www.target.com/tcoe. Our school ID: 58189

Clip the BoxTop symbols from eligible products and put them in the collection box in each classroom or in the office. Each BoxTop earns the school 10 cents. 

Click here.  Shop as usual and the PTA will receive a percentage of your order. This will not change what you are charged, and we will not know what you purchased.

12 cards registered, $304 earned in 2017-18

Safeway’s bonus program is through eScrip. Register your Safeway Club card and designate Seven Locks at http://www.escrip.com. Our school ID: 6562985

How To Participate



School Fundraising- Easy Fundraising Programs

Here are some of our "painless" fundraising programs. FUNDS earned GO DIRECTLY TO THE SCHOOL (except for Amazon, which supports the PTA). We are not endorsing these stores, but if you happen to shop at any, pleaseparticipate. Please ask your neighbors, friends and relatives to participate as well.  These are national, so they don't have to be local to help.  For detailed instructions on how to sign up, click here

Seven Locks PTA

​​​​Registeryour VIC card and designate Seven Locks with the code 7549.

​The SLES PTA is able to provide a variety of wonderful programs and activities for the SLES community as a result of direct donations and fundraising programs.  Please consider donating online or participating in one of SLES PTA's fundraising programs below.

in 2017-18 the PTA earned $1,120 from amazon.com.

$513 earned in 2017-18 (double the amount from 2016-17!)

Please make sure to register your VIC card every year.

50 SLES cards registered, $2,100 earned in 2017-18

Click here to download the Donation Form