Membership Dues & Donations: DIRECT, POSITIVE IMPACT On Your Children and Our School

Membership dues of $25 per individual or $50 per family along with our annual request for donations of $75 per child enrolled at SLES help us fund and support critical programs that help our school educators create an environment of academic excellence, empower your children to have culturally enriching experiences outside of the classroom and provide a rich mix of year round events that build connections and friendships for students and families to support a positive SLES experience. 

We strive to provide most PTA services and events for free and are able to do so with the support of our annual membership dues and donations drive. 

$36,000 or about 60% of our spending is directed towards supporting teachers, students and staff during the school day to support SLES academic excellence:

Field Trips by Grade

Teacher Classroom Funding

Scholastic & Class Room Publications

Cultural Arts Assemblies During School

Math & Reading Incentive Programs

Literacy & STEM Nights

Library Resources

Geography Bee

Spelling Bee

Keyboarding Support

Diverse, High Quality PTA Sponsored Services & Programs Offered All Year Round:

Back to School & Year End Picnics

New Families & Buddy Family Program

Kindergarten Welcome Program

Lego League Competition

Odyssey of the Mind Competition

Wildcats Dad's & Family Night 

International Night & Potlucks

Counselor Coffees

Parent Socials

After School Enrichment & Scholarships

Parent & Principal Roundtables

Room Parent Program 

Variety Show

Science Fair

Fall Festival / Family Fun Event 

Community Service Events

Arts Programs & Showcases

Big Hero Service Award

Wildcats Spirit Wear Program

5th Grade Graduation Support 

& So Much More!!


Please note, your PTA membership from prior year EXPIRED on June 30th, 2018. Please RENEW your ANNUAL dues and donation per child commitments to support our school. Online Directory Access will expire on Sept 28, 2018 for all non-members of the PTA. We rely on ANNUAL dues and donations by our parents to help fund $30,000 or more of our roughly $62,000 annual funding needs. All levels of contributions are appreciated and donations above the recommended amount help us do our best for your children.  


Please join us!

We are asking that you join the PTA as either a Single Membership(1 Parent Household) with $25annual membership due or a Family Membership(2 Parent household) with $50 annual membership dueand to make an additional recommended PTA annual donation of $75 per child enrolled at SLES .

Your voluntary donations allows the PTA to keep providing the Seven Locks community with all of the programs and services that make our school a wonderful place to learn.
THESE UP FRONT ANNUAL DUES and PER CHILD AND OTHER VOLUNTARY DONATIONS enable us to fund almost 60% of our annual fundraising goals for the year and are critical to sustaining annual operating plans that benefit your children and the school

You can now
easily RENEW your expired membership or JOIN and donate online using our AtoZ expanded online platform.As you navigate it, look for the "purchase tab" to

1) Join the PTA - pay your annual dues at a Single Member or Family Membership level
2) Make annual per child donations - $75/child enrolled in SLES (
additional donations accepted in $50 dollar increments online) or checks can be given to PTA or at office.

3) Order extra Directories - only $5 per additional Directory (must be a PTA member). 

4) Register your grocery cards and store cards - to help the school benefit directly.

Click the link below to join and donate via our AtoZ platform...


If you have forgotten your password, click on "Can't Login" button in the Login section of the AtoZ Directory home page.

Recommended Baseline Dues and Donation Levels, Based on # of SLES Children and Number of Parents in the Household.  PTA Pays $5.50 per parent from your membership dues towards required annual County/State/National PTA dues)

Why Support the Seven Locks PTA?

Single or Family Membership                          Dues    Donation Total  Directories

Single (1 Parent) Membership with 1 child         $25      $75       $100       1

Family (2 Parent) Membership with 1 child        $50      $75        $125      1 

Family (2 Parent) Membership with 2 children   $50      $150      $200      1

Family (2 Parent) Membership with 3 children   $50      $225      $275      1 

Family (2 Parent) Membership with 4 children   $50      $300      $350      1

Seven Locks PTA

How do your PTA dues and donations create value? 

  • Over 60% of PTA funds raised are reinvested in the school to achieve academic excellence by supporting critical ongoing school programs, events and resources that teachers and students benefit from.
  • The SLES PTA plans to spend more than $150 per student enrolled at SLES in 2018-2019.
  •  We offer scholarships to support our families in need to participate in our diverse after school enrichment programs.
  • We focus on building student character with quarterly community service projects and fund school programs that empower our kids.  We even have a "Big Hero Service Award" to honor exceptional students.
  • We value and reward our teachers with grade level lunches, week long teacher appreciation and collaborate to fund school wish lists and resources to best empower school educators and staff do their best work for our students.
  • The PTA has in the past donated $8000 in funds to the SLES Educational Foundation to support capital and long term programs such as educator trainings  to advance the academic standards, across grades or laptop carts used school wide, almost $20 per student contributed.  And most recently made a $4000 matching donation, $10 per student, to the Foundation to support 50% of the playground Shade Canopy for all to enjoy.  
  • We invest in our collective SLES PTA community of families by offering diverse cultural events, international potlucks, and opportunities for community connections regardless of background and seek to create an inclusive community that welcomes each new family to the school.If we can better serve you or perhaps even pair you with a buddy family, we are here to help how we can.
  • We are open to feedback and ideas. Find one of our PTA Board Members at any event or send us an email or call us with your ideas on how we can continue to make SLES a fabulous place to learn and grow. 
  • Every family is welcome at all events. There are no PTA member-only events. We look forward to seeing you soon !