Seven Locks PTA

How to Get Connected & Stay Informed About Important Updates from Your School & PTA ? 
   Most of our communications will be emails sent to you via a “Wildcats” list serve that includes all parents, teachers, staff and our principal. We call the emails our "Paws Online" newsletters which get sent out currently via our yahoo groups email service on a weekly or more frequent basis. THIS IS NEWS YOU WANT TO SCAN AND READ as it also includes our Principal's weekly newsletter as an attachment along with info from your school, your PTA and updates on deadlines and events.
Please send an email to and in subject please note: “Join Paws Online" so our email administrator can add you to the list serve. After sending the request to join, please look for your Monday morning and other interim emails titled "Paws On Line" that will come from Ms. Ellen Giller our current list serve coordinator. Note: once you get your first Paws Online email, you can click on the link at the bottom to go to the groups page within yahoo and actually view archived emails so that you can "catch up" on anything you missed.

IF YOU DO NOT GET AN EMAIL WITHIN A WEEK OF REQUESTING TO BE ADDED, contact Tammi Shapiro at for assistance.

2.    Another important way we connect with you is via an online Directory platform named AtoZ Directories with the sender address as We will use this list serve throughout the year for important outbound communications and time sensitive updates and membership drives as well.
Please ADD to your approved email sender list so we don't end up in your spam box. You will get at least 4 emails from this service in the first month of school.

Visit this valuable information packed PTA website,  Bookmark it and check regularly.

4.    Like our Facebook page and enjoy updates, photos, articles and more from the Seven Locks PTA "Like" us at
5.    Questions?  Email: Tammi Shapiro, Communications Chair at
6.    Want to join a committee or volunteer your time or talents – even if only for an hour a year?  Contact and she will get you connected to committees, programs in need of leaders, school needs.

7.    Suggestions, ideas, feedback, issues? 
Send us your comments using the “contact us” page form on this website
8.    Did you know that we have a google based community list serve?   Taly Sher, our Membership Co-Chair, will be overseeing this list serve. For example, this is the place to ask questions such as “Are you looking for a plumber or babysitter”and want to tap into the collective wisdom of our school community? Need ideas for your kids' summer activities?    This Seven Locks Community Bulletin Board is for just that purpose. The email group is open to all Seven Locks families.   To join, it's simple, just click on the link below, and let us know your child's teacher and you'll soon be part of the Seven Locks digital community.